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  • Annual Exchange Program

    Visiting us from Michigan University

  • Bright Lilies Play Group

    Green Montessori Day

  • Bright Lilies

    School of Choice

  • Small Class Sizes

    from ten to twenty

  • Extra Curriculum

    Montessori and UCMAS

About Us

A brief history.

In September 2006, the vision to establish Bright Lilies became a reality. The school was founded by Mr and Mrs George Nyante from their home. The school started with three kids and a teacher. The school concentrated on the Nursery Department for over seven years before finally deciding to do the full basic education by adding the Primary and JHS levels.

Picture Gallery

We are proud to 
show you our picture galleries.

A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words. We are happy to display pictures from some selected school activities for your viewing pleasure. They were really exciting times and the students really had fun while learning at the same time.

We have something unique on offer…

Our Classrooms

Why don’t you pay us a visit today? Our class sizes are small, ranging between 10-20, which ensures that the teachers are able to give the needed attention to all the children. Our classrooms are spacious, ready to receive you and your wards.