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A New Term

We at Bright Lilies will like to warmly welcome you to the 2018/2019 Academic Year.

We hope and pray that this ‘new’ year continues like the previous ones but better.

We will like you to take note of these dates: 

Schools HolidaysStartsFinishes

First Day of School

11 Sep 2018 (Tue)

Term 1 Holidays 

21 Dec 2018 (Fri)14 Apr 2019 (Sun)

Term 2 Holidays

12 Apr 2019 (Fri)6 May 2019 (Mon)

Term 3 Holidays

26 Jul 2019 (Fri)9 Sep 2019 (Mon)

The academic calendar is for basic schools only. The 2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) will take place from 3 June to 7 June 2019.

Original release for academic year 2018/2019 viewable here.