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Bright Lilies School

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When I arrived at the daycare, I saw fifty tiny, confused faces staring up at me. It didn’t take long for the thought to register in my mind that these children had never seen a fair-skinned person before. I held out my hand hoping to show them that I was a friendly stranger, but most backed away. One beautiful girl was not frightened, however, and she tip-toed up to me to test the waters. Afterward, children swarmed to me from all angles, and I quickly connected with each and every one of them. Teaching nutrition lessons to students age three to six wasn’t what I had originally planned, but I quickly adapted my lesson plans to fit each age group, and the children seemed to genuinely enjoy the activities. There were some differences between American children and Ghanaian children that I had expected—such as the fact that Ghanaian children are much more well-disciplined than American children—but by the end of the week, it became clear to me that children have the same universal desires, like receiving praise for good deeds, being loved, and playing with new friends. I was overjoyed by how quickly the students began to see me for my inner self and not for my skin color. Working at Bright Lilies offered me an amazing experience and first week in Ghana, and I feel quite comfortable in my new home in Ghana because of it!